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Childcare Options, Roles & Responsibilities

Happy Feet Childcare is committed to providing you the best possible childcare for you and your family. There are many different options when selecting your nanny. It is important to understand what these are and the different roles and responsibilities that can go with each position.

We specialise in providing the following types of childcare:


Our Nannies are professional, qualified and experienced Childcarer with the experience and skills to provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment for your children/child.

The role of a Nanny:

Nannies will undertake all nursery duties relating to the children only. This means providing care such as preparing healthy meals, washing, dressing, educating and stimulating children. Your nanny will ensure that toys are organised and tidied away at the end of   the day and the play area kept clean and tidy. Your nanny will also ensure your child/children are active and go to social activities that enhance their learning and development.

Other duties may also include;

  • Taking and collecting the children/child from school/nursery
  • Ensuring that the children's/child’s toys and equipment are well maintained and clean
  • Homework supervision and assistance
  • Organising trips and days out to promote the social and educational development of the children/child
  • Arranging play dates, social activities and after school groups
  • Keeping parents fully informed of their childs/children’s day, progress and any other important information

Nanny Housekeeper

Our Nanny Housekeepers are experienced nannies who also have good home management skills.

The role of a Nanny Housekeeper:

Nanny Housekeepers will undertake all nursery duties of a nanny and have the flexibility to manage the home and housekeeping. This means their duties include all family washing and ironing, running errands, grocery shopping, changing bed linen, cleaning and generally running the home. In most households that require this role, the child/children spend a significant amount of time at school or nursery, allowing the nanny housekeeper to take care of the daily housekeeping tasks in their absence.

Mothers Help

Mother's Help are generally unqualified nannies working alongside a mother, rather than having sole charge of the child/children. Mother's Help may work well for parents who work from home or parents who work part-time and want housework and childcare combined.

The role of a Mothers Help:

Mother's Help normally work alongside the mother, caring for the children/child and are expected to undertake all nursery duties relating to the children/child only. This means providing help such as preparing healthy meals, washing, dressing, educating and stimulating children. They will ensure that toys are clean and safe, organised and tidied away at the end of the day and the play area kept clean and tidy.

Maternity Nurse

Our Maternity Nurses, sometimes known as Maternity Nannies, will be trained or experienced Nurses, Midwives or Nannies who specialise in New-born Care. Some will specialise or have additional knowledge and expertise in particular areas such as Twins, Premature Births and C-sections, Special Care babies, Breast feeding, Routine and Sleep Training.

The Role of the Maternity Nurse

The role of the Maternity Nurse is one of support, guidance and care for both Mum and New Baby. A maternity nurse can be booked from between 1 – 12 weeks or longer if needed and will work a 5 or 6 day week and be on call 24 hrs. She is able to teach and guide a new Mum giving her confidence and reassurance with her new born baby.


Happy Feet childcare provides a trusted local babysitting service to parents in Berkshire & Surrey. We pride ourselves on the quality of babysitters that we provide. Using a childcare agency ensures the necessary checks take place, for your peace of mind.

We have a wide range of babysitters who babysit for us and they are all used to coming to a new home and caring for a child/children who they have just met. We can find a babysitter whose experience matches the ages of the children they need to babysit and whatever time you and your family require (daytimes, evenings and weekends).

All expected duties should be discussed and agreed during the interview prior to the commitment of the job role.

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